• Solidification, microstructure and wear and corrosion resistance of as-cast binary alloys, by Emmanuelle Sa Freitas (Faculdade de Engenharia Mecânica (FEM), Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Campinas SP Brasil). 

    Bulk nanostructured metals/composites by accumulative press bonding process, by Sajjad Amirkhanlou (Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering, Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran). 


    Ductility and TRIP Effect in Nanostructured Bainite, by L. Morales-Rivas (CENIM (CSIC). MATERALIA Research Group, Madrid, Spain).


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  • Bioreduction of iron ores. Development of environmentally friendly alternatives for metal recovery, by Laura Castro Ruiz. Grupo de Investigación en Biohidrometalurgia. Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Characterization and role of the Y-Al oxides during the recrystallization process of a Fe-20Cr-6Al ODS alloy, by  Gemma Pimentel Fraga. Grupo MATERALIA. CENIM-CSIC
  • Suitability of novel melt injected PLDA/Mg composites for osteosynthesis, by Sandra C. Cifuentes Cuellar. Grupo AVANZA. CENIM-CSIC
  • High strain rate superplasticity of the friction stir processed Al 7075 alloy, by Alberto Orozco Caballero. Grupo PROMECO. CENIM-CSIC

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  • On the evidence of univalent Mg, by Alejandro Samaniego Miracle.
  • Effect of lateral off set in the mechanical properties of dissimilar friction stir welds, by Florencia Cioffi
  • Development of bioactive and antibacterial TiO2 surface layers, by Juan Manuel Hernández
  • Eco-innovation and sustainable manufacturing of cements from ceramic wastes, by Irene Garcia Diaz

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  • Isothermal growth of partitioning and no partitioning pearlite in a Fe-C-Mn alloy, by María Martín Aranda
  • Microstructural and mechanical properties of modified 14%Cr ferritic-martensitic steels at high temperature by Esther Benavente Martinez
  • Weathering Steel (Cu, Cr, Ni): Atmospheric corrosion resistance, by Heidys Patricia Cano


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  • Optimization of strength and ductility of a Cu-Cr-Zr alloy by combining severe plastic deformation and precipitation, by Kesman Valdés León
  • Assessment of laser peening induced effects on Ti6Al4V by non-destructive measurements by Sandra Barriuso Gómez
  • Study of the martensite to austenite transformation in a metastable cold-rolled semiaustenitic stainless steel by Carola A. Celada 
  • Wear behaviour of TiN, AISI1045, DP600 in discontinuous sliding contact conditions, by Meritxell Ruiz
  • Atmospheric corrosion of weathering steels, by Iván Díaz-Ocaña

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